Top Bitcoin Blogs to Follow

Anybody whose interest suddenly peeks in cryptocurrency and bitcoins, immediately feels the need to educate themselves about the concept. The first thing they think of doing is looking up bitcoins online. But the internet has a jumbled mush of information and for something as fin-tech-ie as bitcoins needs to be properly explained.

Not every website one would think of going to actually helps them out. There are too many resources online and to come across reliable one doesn't necessarily mean the first search engine results page. In this blog, come explore with us some top bitcoin blogs to follow and educate yourselves up on all things Bitcoin.

Let the listing begin! gives you all the news you want on Ethereum and Bitcoin, analyses, and crypto-technology. They also have posts on blockchain, finance, and other markets. They write eleven posts per day and have active following on Facebook and Twitter.

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News or provides you premium news about bitcoins and their analysis, daily values and weekly reports. They do fourteen blog posts a day and are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


NewsBTC is a London-based website that covers all about Bitcoin, technical analyses, bitcoin forecasts, and altcoins. They aim to "enlighten" the people that visit their site with their extensive knowledge and analyses of virtual currencies. They have an active Twitter following.


The ninjas running this blog cater to a global audience, supplying them with economic and industry-specific bitcoin and blockchain information. CryptoNinjas are also a Twitter-only platform apart from their blog.

The Capital

The people running The Capital want to become the world's largest and most trusted source of cryptocurrency information and publication. They want to bring cryptocurrency to the minds of everybody who has access to the internet. They have followings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates is yet another bitcoin information publisher that puts up an astounding thirty posts per week and provides information on all things bitcoin and crypto. They have Facebook and Twitter followings.


Unconfirmed is a weekly podcast about bitcoins and crypto that comments on how the higherups are reacting to the juiciest bitcoin news. If you are in for some fun listening, Unconfirmed is what you should opt for as it gives quite a respite from reading blogs. These people have a healthy number of Twitter followers and put up a post a week.

The Moon

The Moon is a blog that aims to educate new people, who have no idea about cryptocurrency, with their blog posts and infographics. They put up thirty posts per week. They are not that well known - probably because they do not have any social media handles - but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be followed about all things Bitcoin.

The Bullish

The Bullish is a not-for-profit platform that targets business professionals and industrialists with news and knowledge about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. They put up nine posts on a weekly basis but do not have a social media presence.