Four Things You Can Buy Using Cryptocurrencies

Although most people consider cryptocurrencies as an investment form, you can use your digital asset to buy a large number of goods and even services. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many retailers are accepting them as payment forms. So, how to spend your digital currencies? We have a few suggestions:

Things You Can Buy Using Cryptocurrency:

1) Vehicles:

That Tesla has started accepting payments in Bitcoins is no surprising news – even to those who are not actively involved in crypto trading or investment. However, while this news has been immensely publicized, the actual process of using crypto to purchase a Tesla is not exactly straightforward.

Once you agree to use Bitcoins to make a Tesla purchase, it is mandatory for you to complete the transaction – if you don’t, you lose your opportunity. Remember that you only get 30 minutes for completing the transaction, and, in case you overpay or send the coins to an incorrect address, Tesla will not be responsible for any refunds.

Another car dealer that accepts Bitcoin is Subaru in Oklahoma, but, since this acceptance might be conditional, so it is best that you reach out to them before putting the plan in motion.

2) Furniture and other home goods:

Companies like Overstock allow you to use Bitcoins to make online purchases through their websites, using Coinbase. Overstock is an excellent shopping platform for anyone looking to purchase rugs, vacuum cleaners, and patio furniture using their Bitcoins. In addition, you can also find generic retail items like technology and clothes.

3) Food (mainly pizza):

Did you know that the first thing that was purchased using Bitcoins was a pair of pizzas from Papa Johns?

Today, a number of pizza joints accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, such as Helen's Pizza in NJ. is a platform that allows people to buy pizzas using Bitcoins, through different vendors.

However, you can use your virtual gold coins to purchase some other kinds of fast food as well. Subway, for example, has several locations that accept Bitcoins as payment.

4) Vacations:

Want to use Bitcoins to pay for your next holiday? You will be pleased to know that there are quite a few airlines that allow you to pay for tickets through Bitcoins, such as CheapAir and Expedia.

That is not all; you can continue to use your Bitcoins even after you have arrived at the destination. Plenty of hotels, such as the US-based Kessler Group, allow customers to pay for their rooms in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Vegas is a particularly desirable location for people looking to spend their Bitcoins on vacation: the city is lined with Bitcoin ATMS, and hotels 'Golden Gate' and 'The D' welcome Bitcoin payments.

To conclude, this guide covered just a few of the many items or services that you can purchase using your digital currencies. If a few Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are burning a hole in your pockets, you can always search for retailers that accept digital currency payments or use your tokens for gift cards.