4 Amazing Crypto Trends to Invest In 2022

If you are thinking about investing, then following trends can be extremely helpful. This was the case for cryptocurrencies last year and most probably will also apply to 2022.

With an initial market valuation of just $800 billion in 2021, it was very impressive when by 2022, this assets class market value tripled to $2.25 trillion. As a result, this strengthened their case for participation and also strengthened the portfolios of most risk-tolerant investors.

So, we guess it's safe to say that 2022 might be a good time to finally start investing in digital coins. And with that in mind, let's look at 4 amazing crypto trends to invest in 2022.


MarketMove brings cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) from Fortune 500 firms to the crypto market. New crypto assets with enormous potential are discovered by the platform, which gives a comprehensive set of tools to investigate them thoroughly. Users can analyze every contract and token.

Overall, the MOVE token is an excellent long-term investment. In Q1 2022, the firm plans to launch a major marketing campaign. We won't be shocked if the token offers multi-fold returns in the coming quarters.

Non-Fungible Token(s)

NFTs market value is likely to rise because it has made it easier to secure funding from different sources for artists and creators, giving them more scope to raise money for their ventures. This advantage itself has made NFTs extremely popular.

One of the reasons artists and creators choose NFTs are because blockchain makes it comparatively easy and extremely safe to verify the ownership of non-fungible tokens


A DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is an online community that manages a cryptocurrency wallet, usually using a token from the Ethereum ecosystem. It is dedicated to achieving a common goal, such as running a business or making investments. Rules are written as a computer program that governs how members of an organization interact with one another; these rules, together with transaction data, are stored on a blockchain.


With cryptocurrency present almost everywhere and helping us in almost every way of our lives, it couldn't stand behind when the world attention was turning to clean energy. Thus, it introduces IOEN (Internet of Energy Network) with an intriguing option and a compelling case.

The project's goal is to leverage blockchain technology to enable houses all around the world to work together as a smart, cooperative electrical system. The Internet of Energy Network will construct scalable mini-grids as a result of this, allowing for more renewable energy to be harnessed within a small network.

From the standpoint of increasing token value, IOEN has a fixed supply. Hence, as more grids are joined, the demand for the IOEN token will rise. This will result in a rise in the price of the token.


These are a few types of many cryptocurrencies, and to be honest, all cryptos have a fair shot at providing the investor multi-fold returns in 2022. Last year was a great year for cryptocurrencies, and for that reason, it is fair to predict that 2022 will bear good news for crypto lovers!