8 Major Differences between Bitcoin and Stablecoin

What Is A Stablecoin?

Stablecoins are a cryptocurrency introduced due to the volatile market of trading in cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins offer a more tempting deal to more conservative traders as there is less risk involved as well as trade involves

What Is A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 and operates via a decentralized authority. It is a virtual currency that does not exist physically but rather only as balances on a public record-keeping system or a ledger. The high fluctuation rate of bitcoins makes them unsuitable for real-life and business transactions.

What Are The Differences Between Stablecoin And Bitcoin?

While it has been established above that the main difference between bitcoins and stablecoins lies in the name given to stablecoins. This means they were developed to provide the best of both worlds of cryptocurrencies. Security and stability due to less vulnerability to fluctuations as well as instant processing as with all cryptocurrencies.

Here are some more differences between the two discussed in detail:

• The value of stablecoin remains constant at $1.00, whereas the value of Bitcoin can range anywhere between $0.05 and $20,000, making it a huge gamble.

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• The trends in the value of stablecoins can be predictable, whereas that of Bitcoin are highly unpredictable

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Bots

• Stablecoins are centralized, while Bitcoins are decentralized

• Due to their dynamic and volatile nature, Bitcoins cannot be used in business transactions, whereas stablecoins can be used in business transactions

• The Bitcoin prices are very unstable and keep fluctuating, whereas stablecoins are more consistent and stable in their prices

• While stablecoins are regulated, Bitcoins are unregulated.

• Stablecoins can very easily be used in real-life and business transactions and are therefore a more practical investment. Bitcoins, on the other hand, can only be used for exchange or trading, gambling and making payments and not in real life transactions due to their high short term volatility.

• As mentioned above, stablecoins have real-world applications such as in:

o Day to day transactions are especially beneficial for overseas payments.

o This is extremely useful for overseas immigrants as it can provide fast and affordable remittances

o Stablecoins are protected from local currency crashes. Fiat currencies can be prevented from crashing using stablecoins.

o P2P payments are streamlined due to smart contracts that automatically execute coding, enabling an exchange between two parties. This eliminates the need for a third party


Looking at the future of market capitalization and investment trades, Bitcoins seem to be powering through. Despite its highly volatile nature and unpredictability, Bitcoin is continuing to gain massive popularity and is currently the leading cryptocurrency in the world at a whopping market value of 800 billion dollars in the year 2022.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, are now gaining popularity due to their decreased risk, and increased stability are slowly making their way into becoming the future of cryptocurrency payments. Check out Hodlbum to learn more about which cryptocurrency you should invest in.