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Bitcoin 2021 has been the largest bitcoin conference in history as it involved thousands of enthusiasts gathering in Miami to discuss all about the cryptocurrency. The majority were bitcoin maximalists, that is, people who have faith in bitcoin being the future of finance.

While the conference was held after the worst month for cryptocurrency in terms of overall losses, attendees were hopeful that bitcoin would recover. Here are some of the important takeaways from the conference:


The cryptocurrency market sees new traders entering in large numbers every day to reap their share of profits. The common question among new traders is “what is the right time frame for crypto trading.”

Different traders use different time frames for crypto trading. Usually, traders with a firm grip on the market rely on various technical analyses and indicators. But with so many charts, graphical data, and figures, it is easy to get lost in a forest of data.

There are different time frames to make your trade. Some are longer and require patience, w (...)