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Myth-Busting Common Bitcoin Misconceptions

Several myths and rumors have tried their best to dissuade bitcoin diehards, and potential bitcoin diehards, to quit investing in bitcoin. The mischaracterization of bitcoin can keep people from taking advantage of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Because of this, a complete analysis of cryptocurrency is rendered impossible.

But, we will try our hand at it as we myth-bust some common bitcoin myths in myth-busting common bitcoin misconceptions.


How Do Bitcoin ATMs Work?

You must have heard about Bitcoin, but you may be unfamiliar with how Bitcoin ATMs work. A Bitcoin ATM is an internet-connected portal that enables people to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

While conventional ATMs allow customers to withdraw and deposit cash, Bitcoin ATMs allow people to purchase and sell Bitcoin through cash. This article will walk you through the workings of a Bitcoin ATM to help you understand how to use one to your benefit.