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Can Bitcoin ever replace fiat currency? If we were to believe the optimistic predictions of some crypto enthusiasts, Bitcoin would soon become a global currency. But is this really possible and what would it mean for society and the global economy if it happened?

Fiat currencies are currently backed by governments that can print more money when needed. Bitcoin doesn't have such an anchor and its value fluctuates wildly, making it unreliable as a store of value or means of exchange. That's not to say that there won't come a time when cryptocurrencies will play an important ro (...)

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile investments around. The influx of new investors has caused cryptocurrency prices to skyrocket, but it also means that they plummet just as quickly. It's important for anyone who invests in crypto to be diversified and spread their risk out over several different coins.

The more diverse your cryptocurrency portfolio, the better chance it has to increase its value. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket because there could be a coin that does well, but you missed out on buying any of them because you were too focused on a (...)