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Why Is Bitcoin So Volatile?

The cryptocurrency market has been volatile throughout the year. There's no doubt that it has been a wild ride for a number of investors globally. Many have made massive millions, yet many have lost hugely on small-size investments because of snowball effects, abrupt market slumps, and the general volatility of the currency.

If you are wondering the reason behind the volatility of Bitcoin, there are many principle reasons why the price of Bitcoin and other digital forms of money is so volatile. Here, we cover the elements that influence the cost of Bitcoin and crypto, and ho (...)

4 Different Ways to Get Rich with Crypto

Do you feel tempted to step into the crypto world because you’ve heard success stories of how people made millions of dollars with crypto? Well, yes. People have managed to make good money with crypto, but not everyone who tries their hand at cryptocurrency ends up making money. Many lose their money along the way or just give up too soon.

If you wish to make money with crypto but aren’t sure how to do that, worry not. There are many sure-shot ways to make money (a pretty good amount) with crypto. Although there’s always a high risk involved due to the volatilit (...)