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5 Tips to Avoid Bad Crypto Trading Decisions

You can’t expect to trade cryptocurrency like a pro from the first day you step into the crypto ground. Successful crypto trading is a result of years of experience that includes a fair share of ups and downs. However, that doesn’t mean a newbie can’t trade successfully. If you’re just starting, don’t lose hope because nobody can stop you from making your investments profitable if you strategize each of your moves.

Starters are often seen making mistakes that can cost them a lot. It’s because they aren’t aware of how the market operates and what’s the (...)

Top 3 Bitcoin Investors

While investors have been hesitant to invest in the cryptocurrency market, a few individuals have taken the plunge. These people are called Bitcoin investors and they've been profiting from the ever-growing value of Bitcoin over time.

One thing that sets these investors apart from others is their ability to take risks with investments. Many people shy away from making investments because there's always a chance that things could go wrong and it would all be lost. But, Bitcoin investors know that taking risks can lead to a great reward.

This blog post will discus (...)