Our Story

Hodlbum.com LLC was started in 2019 as a labor of love. We are two local Los Angeles guys who have been bitcoin enthusiasts since its' early days. We have always dreamed of how great it would be to be able to afford to go into early retirement by just hodling bitcoin. Well, in order to do that one has to HODL a lot of Bitcoin and some of us are not that lucky. We have been dreaming of leaving our boring and annoying day jobs for years, but the daily grind and of course not having enough money to retire on would not allow us to do that. So, one day during a "commiseration fest" at a party on how we were sick and tired of being sick and tired HODLBUM was born! We knew we were hodlers and if we left our jobs we would be bums. We decided to venture out into doing something we both love - Cryptocurrency. We started with one location and over time our company grew into what it is today, and still growing. These are exciting times.

Onward and upward!